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Email Marketing

Build a base of repeat clients with our email marketing service.

Email marketing is deceptively simple. You get people to sign up or subscribe on your site, and if they’re happy for you to do so, you can email them about offers and deals you’ve got going on. You effectively build a base of repeat customers, who could actually provide the bulk of your sales.

Of course, it’s not all that simple. First, you have to think of GDPR—a new law that changes how businesses store and use customer data. One wrong step and you can get fined! And when it comes to actually making sales, it takes know-how and analytics to find out what works, and what doesn’t.

If you’d rather get on with what you do best, we can do everything for you. 

Interested in local email marketing?

Then get in touch! At Acorn, we’re masters of email marketing and so much more. We provide a well-rounded service, so while we’ll happily help you get the most out of your email list, we’ll also help your site rank higher and load quicker too. 

We even offer free consultations: either a thorough SEO analysis of your site, or for individual services like email marketing. Click one of the buttons below to get started.

Why Email Marketing?

Email marketing is cost effective, simple, and a great way to build a base of repeat customers.

It works a little like this. You set up your site to offer something: a recipe book, a white paper, a care guide, or whatever’s relevant to you business. In exchange for the free gift, all somebody has to give is their email address. Whoever wants it, gets something cool and useful for free. What you get is a list of email addresses that belong to people you know for a fact to be interested in whatever you’re offering.

Once you’ve built up your list, you can start sending out emails to people on the list. 

Your emails can either encourage repeat visits to your site, or just be plain old advertising. Whatever’s relevant to your business. Over time, you can use something called A/B testing to figure out what gets your customer base to engage with your emails. Using analysis and testing, we can help you gradually increase the amount that you earn through your repeat customer base. 


How do you get people to sign up?

You have to offer something that you can’t find anywhere else.

Most startups, for example, offer a white paper on a topic that’s relevant to their niche. A white paper is essentially a longform piece that answers a question, normally through original research. If you run a flight comparison site, for example, it could be a paper analysing price variance across other sites. Alternatively, you could have a tool that’s free to use, like an app builder, but anybody who wants to use it has to provide their email address.

Get in touch and we can help you out with some ideas on what you could use!

Email Templates

We’ll create email templates that you can use again and again, so that every single bulk email you send looks gorgeous.


To create an email marketing campaign that works, you need both consistency and creativity. We’ve got both!

Contract or No Contract?

We’ll gladly help you out with just one campaign. Or, we’d just as happily work with you on an ongoing basis. It’s up to you!

Email Marketing Plus...

Email marketing is just one part of the jigsaw. We offer SEO, website building, website content, social media marketing and more, too.

So, what are you waiting for?

We’re ready when you are. Give us a call or an email using the information below. We respond the same day, and we’re ready to start as soon as we know what you need. So, if you want great service that’s on your schedule, stop thinking about it—and contact us!


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