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Rank Monitoring

How do you know we're doing our job?

Rank monitoring is where you keep an eye on how your site is performing on search engines. 

Essentially, we can set up a passive monitor that will help us keep track of your site’s performance on certain important keywords. Let’s say you run a small accountancy firm in Leeds. Well, you would want to rank high for search terms like ‘accountancy for small businesses in Leeds’, and ‘cheap accountant in Leeds’. Things like that. With our rank monitoring service, we would keep track of where your site appears in Google or Bing rankings when you search for those terms. 

It’s a win-win. You get to see how much better your site is doing, and we prove that what we’re doing is worthwhile!

How Does It Work?

Well, the easiest way is to manually do the search. 

The problem is when you want to appear higher in search rankings for a number of different search terms, which is what you want to be doing. You could spend all day searching Google or Bing for your own business, or you could let us monitor your search engine page rank  for you. We use software to track how your site is performing, in terms of search engine ranking and much more. We compile these stats for you weekly or monthly and show you how our efforts are increasing the number of visitors your site gets—and, ultimately, how many customers you’re getting from ranking higher. 

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What's the point?

Great question.

Rank monitoring doesn’t have a purpose, in and of itself. But how it does help you is by showing you what works, and what doesn’t. Google and Bing constantly change their search algorithms, which are what they use to determine what deserves to be at the top of searches and what doesn’t. By using rank monitoring, you can try different approaches on different pages to see which pages rank best. The ones that rank best have something about them that Google or Bing really likes!

You can then implement those ideas across the whole site, and see how they work. 

An example of this in action is what’s called ‘keyword stuffing’. If you’ve been on the ‘net for long enough, you’ll have seen this for yourself. Back in the day, sites that wanted to cheat their way to the top of a search would just use a keyword over and over again, hidden somewhere in the page. Sometimes the text would even be in white to make it hard to notice! 

Well, once search engines started to get cleverer, they stamped down on sites that did this. That’s why it’s not so common any more. Every few months, Google will release changes to their algorithm that penalise all sorts of different things, and encourage other things. Using rank monitoring, we can navigate these changes better than any other small SEO business out there.

Keyword Search

We’ll figure out what terms you’re ranking well for, and which you could do better with. Then we can create content that boosts your site’s performance!

Web Marketing Analytics

Through rank monitoring, we can figure out what works and what doesn’t using A/B testing. This helps us do a better job for you. 

Creative Ideas

There are so many different ways that you can build an effective site. With rank monitoring, we can see what works in your niche, and implement it for you. 

Link Building

Link building is very, very important. You need other sites to link to yours. You can see how well our link building campaigns work through rank monitoring. 

The bottom line?

The bottom line is that rank monitoring gives you better control of your site. Ultimately, the entire point of your site, no matter what you do, is to bring more people to you. Whether you sell cars or run an affiliate marketing blog, you need more people coming to your site. And to figure out what actually brings people to your site, you need to monitor how you rank for a wide range of keywords and phrases. 

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