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How can you reach customers if you don't know who they are?

Target Strategy

We help you identify, capture and convert customers

Any good business knows the value of defining their target audience. But when it comes to getting ahead online, it’s actually even more important. If your site or social media content isn’t perfectly tailored to the audience you’re trying to reach, it simply won’t stick. Even something as simple as tone counts, even more so than usual online, since your customer is reading what you’ve written rather than picking up on social cues from listening to you talk. 

So, how can we help? Well, first of all, we can help you define your audience. Together with us, we can identify who you want to reach and how. Then, when we work on your online content, we’ll tailor-make it so that it’s perfect for your audience. 

Besides that, picking an audience is incredibly important for social media marketing. You can pick out the groups that you want to reach: cat owning single parents in their 30’s, for example. By cutting down so deep into the customer’s profile, you get an amazing return on what you spend on social media marketing.

What are the benefits?

Of identifying your online audience? Well, where to begin…

  • Your business will connect with more people on social media. 
  • Your site content will be perfectly suited to the kind of person you’d like to become a customer.
  • You’ll earn more clicks, shares and subscribers with less effort (and less cost!)
  • Bottom line? You’ll make more sales, get more ad revenue, earn more commission… Whatever it is you do, we’ll help you do it better!

If you’re still not sure, that’s alright. We offer a free quote for whatever it is that you need. SEO, AdWords, social media marketing, email marketing campaigns… Anything and everything! Get started by clicking below.

Competitor Analysis

Who are your competitors trying to reach? Or, better yet, who are they forgetting to target? By looking at your competitors, we can figure out how you can gain an edge over them. 

Ongoing Refinement

It’s one thing to guess who you’re trying to reach, and it’s another entirely to actually find the answer. We can help you set up surveys and feedback systems so that you can learn more about your customers. 

Keyword Targeting

Keywords help you target your audience even better. We can create a site that uses the questions and terms your audience use, so that they can better find it!

Better Conversion

Ultimately, isn’t that what it’s all about? Our experience in online marketing can help you target the right kind of customers—all for the benefit of your bottom line. 

So, what are you waiting for?

If you need some help identifying your online audience, and you’re not sure how to capture them, give us a call. We could collaborate, or you could have us take care of the process from start to finish—the choice is yours. So give us a call, text or email today!


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