LoveMyChinchilla is a site in the Pet niche, specialising in content on chinchilla care. It has grown to be the foremost site specifically in the chinchilla niche, overtaking other affiliate sites, forums and similar websites.

The LoveMyChinchilla homepage.



A SEMrush analysis of the number of keyword results in Google SERPs for LoveMyChinchilla.

LoveMyChinchilla continues to grow both in terms of visitors and keywords. While the niche is small, LoveMyChinchilla provides authoritative answers on key questions of chinchilla care, resulting in a large number of repeat visitors. At only a year old, LoveMyChinchilla still has room to grow as the aging of its domain improves its ranking over time. In addition, the number of unique visitors finding the site through search engines is larger than estimated by tools such as SEMrush; with additional visitors finding the site through backlinks, social, bookmarks and email campaigns, LoveMyChinchilla commands a large audience relative to the size of its niche.

The second most-popular chinchilla website as measured over the same timeframe on SEMrush.

The difference is particularly stark in the number of Top 3 keywords each site enjoys. At the time of writing, LoveMyChinchilla appears in almost three times the Top 3 SERPs as its competitor, at 213 to 81. LoveMyChinchilla is monetised through both ads and affiliate links.

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